Things Come Full Circle For Mike Young

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Mike Young still recalls his first victory over a Division-I team. It came against Virginia Tech. (Chris Coleman)

Mike Young remembers the name of the player.  He remembers the name of the play.  He even remembers what defense Virginia Tech was playing. 

The casual fan might believe that Mike Young’s first win in Cassell Coliseum will come this November, but that’s incorrect.  His first win came back on Monday, December 2, 2002 as Wofford’s head coach.  His Terriers beat the Hokies 79-77 that night, but it was much more than just his first win in Cassell Coliseum.

“I think it was my first Division-I win,” Young recalled to the media on Wednesday.

He was correct.  Wofford had lost to Auburn and Clemson earlier that season, with their lone win coming over Emmanuel, a non-Division I team.  It took a trip home to the New River Valley for Young to celebrate his first victory against upper level competition.

Wofford took a big lead in the first half, and fans who were in attendance may remember the two reverse alley-oop dunks that the Terriers scored off inbound passes.  It was one of the low points in the history of Virginia Tech basketball, and Young remembers many of the details of not only those two plays, but the game itself.

“Lee Nixon.  54 Duck, we called it,” Young remembered when asked about the alley-oops.  “That guy could jump over the moon.  They played a 1-3-1 from OB under (out-of-bounds, under the basket), and nothing Earth shattering, we threw that thing up there and he went and got it…twice.