Virginia Tech Target Board Update: Defense

Virginia Tech
Let’s take a look and see how Bud Foster’s class is shaping up. (Jon Fleming)

Today we’ll continue our look at Tech’s 2020 target board with a focus on the defensive side of the ball.  We’ll have the same introduction as yesterday to make sure you know the numbers, so feel free to skip down a few paragraphs if you’ve got a good memory.

Note: Our official Target Board is not up-to-date.  With the Hokies offering 200-250 players each year, we’ve found it impossible to keep an accurate target board.  We’re reassessing exactly what we want to do with the Target Board.  It will continue to exist, though not in its current form.  See this thread for more information.  Until then, consider this article yesterday’s offensive article as our most up-to-date target boards.

The Hokies had just six seniors on the 2018 roster, and they’ll have just six seniors yet again in 2019.  By my count, they have 79 current players eligible to return on scholarship for the 2020 season, and that doesn’t even count the guys who have already committed.  Here’s how the numbers break down for 2020…

QB: 4
RB: 7
WR: 10
TE: 4
OL: 14
DE: 6
DT: 9
LB: 8
CB: 6
S: 8
K: 1
P: 1
LS: 1
Total: 79