The Exciting Life of Sports Writing

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2015 Virginia Tech Football Schedule

Taking inspiration from Will’s special Friday Q&A, I thought I’d show you, dear readers, the exciting life of sports writing. Along the way, I’ll try to give some good advice on scouting games, learning more about football, and doing your own media stuff.

But before I dive into that, I’ll start off by saying I’m darn lucky. Not just to have a gig where I watch and write about football, but to be doing it for a couple of stand-up guys in Chris and Will who give me a lot of editorial freedom to write what I want to write about. And y’all are a lucky readership, too, because TSL is an amazing site. I’ve written for at least thirty different journals, magazines, and websites in the past fifteen years or so, and about a third of those have closed or have flirted with closing. When I look at how other Hokie-centric (and even sports-centric in general) publications are struggling right now, I feel safe saying that TSL is an institution. And you’ve got a great userbase of not just insiders connected to the program, but folks like (off the top of my head) VTizzle/Eric Carr, HokieHoopz, and VTECHFAN who know how today’s game is played.

I started writing for TSL however many years ago by hitting Will up out of the blue. I’d just gotten back into re-learning the basics of the game (and learning its nuances), and I was looking for some freelance work that I thought would be fun. Back then, I was squeezing in writing during breaks at an office job. Most of my knowledge was old-school—5-3 and Split-6 defenses, I-formation Iso plays, West Coast basics, etc.—and I was