Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Inside TSL Edition

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Note from Will Stewart: Chris Coleman is on vacation this week, so I’m taking over the Friday Q&A. Since these days, I seem to know more about TSL than I do Hokie sports, I decided to take questions about TSL.

Without further ado, we present “Inside TSL.”

Did TSL ever get the TSL vehicle? I remember a Tahoe was possible. — TopGunHokie

Yes, we did get a vehicle. For those of you who missed it, we were considering buying a used (early 2010s) Chevy Tahoe last summer that had about 100k miles on it. It was a no-frills model, priced at $15,800 at a local dealership.

I floated the idea on the message board, and a TSL’er (who doesn’t post) reached out to me via email and offered to sell us vehicle he owned and wasn’t using: a 2012 Chevy Express conversion van with about 14,000 miles for … hold on to your hats … the same price as the Tahoe.

I’ve owned a 1997 Chevy Express conversion van since April of 1998, so I’m familiar with conversion vans and love them. He brought it by the office, and wow, this is a sweet vehicle. It had an original sticker price of over $50k, though typically conversion vans sell for well below sticker. When we bought ours in 1998, it was a $38,000 van and we paid just $23,000 for it.

The Hokie seller explained that he bought it for tailgating, but he wound up not using it and was paying $200 a month to have it garaged, so selling it seemed like a good idea to him. When the discussion appeared on the message boards about us buying a company vehicle, he thought about it a moment and made the offer, since he wasn’t using it. It was a no brainer for us, so we put $3,800 down and financed the rest with him, interest-free at $300 a month. We’re almost