Virginia Tech Power 5 Offers: 2019 Defensive Class

JR Walker
JR Walker appears to be one of Virginia Tech’s top young defenders. (Ivan Morozov)

Today we’ll continue our look at Power 5 offers by looking at the defensive side of the ball for the 2019 recruiting class.

As always, I’ll point out that looking at Power 5 offers is not necessarily superior or inferior to the rankings on the recruiting sites.  It’s simply another way of looking at recruiting that other sites don’t pay much attention to. 

The first thing we have to do is recognize the fact that reported Power 5 offers aren’t always accurate.  Sometimes a recruit may mistake interest for a real offer.  Some “offers” are contingent upon things, such as weight gain, what decision another recruit makes, etc., but they are reported as regular offers anyway.  These days some recruits will even falsely report offers on Twitter to raise their profile and try to gain real interest from schools.  That doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.

So we have to take the number of Power 5 offers with a grain of salt.  That being said, we can assume in most cases that being listed as having a Power 5 offer from a school is a sign of at least heavy interest from that program.