Thoughts As Virginia Tech’s Search Gets Underway

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Buzz Williams Virginia Tech
I got exactly what I thought I’d get with the Buzz Williams hire. (Photo by Jim Halling, DL Action Sports Photograph)

With Buzz Williams gone and Virginia Tech’s coaching search well underway, I want to take a few minutes and express a few thoughts I’ve been having. This isn’t going to be a particularly long article (at least it’s not intended to be…we’ll see how it goes), so it should be pretty easy to digest, unlike the thesis I wrote about possible coaching hires earlier today.

Thought No. 1: R-E-L-A-X

The only thing we know so far is that this is a typical college coaching search. 1-2 weeks ago, Mick Cronin was considered to be the leader. Yesterday, it was Wojo. According to some, today it’s Kevin Willard. And the job, as of the time I write this sentence, has only been officially open for about an hour! You are going to hear a ton of rumors during the search. One of them will eventually be right, but most will be wrong. Everybody thinks they have a source, but most don’t.

So just relax and let things play out. I’m not saying don’t pay attention. Definitely pay attention. But if you hear a name you don’t like, don’t freak out and automatically think he’s going to get hired. Chances are he won’t be.

Thought No. 2: Don’t Take Buzz’s Departure