Buzz Williams and the Frustrations of the Coaching Carousel

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Buzz Williams Virginia Tech
The hot rumor continues to be Buzz Williams to Texas A&M (Photo by Jim Halling)

You guys know how the coaching carousel goes.  You hear one thing one day, and another thing another day, and you never know quite what to believe. 

When Buzz Williams was hired by Virginia Tech in 2014, I put him on my initial list of candidates, but I didn’t think they had a legit chance to hire him.  It wasn’t until the morning of the day he got hired, March 21, 2014, that we began to hear rumblings that he was a legit candidate

Whit Babcock tossed out this warning when he fired James Johnson and began the coaching search that culminated with the hiring of Williams…

“I would caution our fan base, however, not to put too much merit in ‘leaks’ or sources. I’ve done this enough to know, and I want to warn them or at least let them know, any time you have a leak, it’s done with a motive. Sometimes it’s a blogger or reporter throwing names up on the wall to see what sticks, and I guess the motive will be entertainment,