Virginia Tech Position Review and Look-Ahead: Defensive Backs

Caleb Farley Virginia Tech
Caleb Farley will be an improved redshirt sophomore this year. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech’s secondary did not have the best of seasons in 2018, but not all of it was their fault.  The safeties had to deal with a coaching change after spring practice, while the entire group suffered from the fact that the defensive front couldn’t get off blocks and couldn’t put much pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

We’ll start out with Tech’s cornerbacks, and then move on to the safeties.

Virginia Tech Cornerbacks

Let’s jump right into it.  Here are the 2018 Pro Football Focus (PFF) overall grades for the four cornerbacks who played 100 or more snaps for the Hokies…

Bryce Watts: 60.7
Jermaine Waller: 58.2
Jovonn Quillen: 57.9
Caleb Farley: 57.6