Meet Jafar Williams, Part Two

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Virginia Tech, Jafar Williams
Jafar Williams will coach Virginia Tech’s wide receivers. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech)

I was so hyped by the availability of Williams’ clinic video (it was the easiest $40 I’ve spent in a while) that I sent off the resulting article to Chris without even thinking of reviewing game tape. Fortunately, I caught my lapse before publication, and since then have had time to watch some 2016 and 2017 Rutgers football.

Yes, I watched Rutgers football for you.

Everyone’s got a plan until they’re hit in the mouth, and football players and coaches are no different. Rutgers got hit in the mouth plenty during Williams’ two years on staff there (and in the years around his tenure.) The offense was held to single-digit scores ten times, including six shutouts that had fun facts like “Rutgers was 0/17 on third down.” Things were a little better under new coordinator Jerry Kill in that second year, as the team was only shutout twice and actually managed two conference wins. (Though I know there were some return scores in that year, and the stress sparked Kill’s seizure issue to flare up and force him into retirement, so I have to temper even that tepid an endorsement.)

Rutgers knew it couldn’t score and that the defense wasn’t much better at stopping scores, so the offense defaulted to a run-first, run-second mentality to shorten games and keep their awful QBs from having to throw too much. I saw four different QBs clock in during the games I watched, and they were all good at throwing high, throwing picks,