Virginia Tech Position Review and Look-Ahead: Tight Ends

Dalton Keene Virginia Tech
Dalton Keene broke a high percentage of tackles for Virginia Tech in 2018. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech’s Tight Ends Need More Consistency

(Note: Mere hours after this article was posted, Chris Cunningham announced his intention to transfer from Virginia Tech.)

Today we’re going to take a closer look at Virginia Tech’s tight ends and see how they performed in 2018, and what the Hokies could have at this spot moving forward into 2019.

The player grades for Virginia Tech’s tight ends in 2018, quite frankly, were pretty bad. It’s important to note that we don’t know exactly how Pro Football Focus does their grades, but while we can recognize that they certainly aren’t the 100% authority on determining player performance, all 32 NFL teams and 44 college teams wouldn’t subscribe to their service unless they knew what they were talking about.

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