The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Scholarship Management, Basketball Staff, and More

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1) How do we do a better job of managing the scholarships? It seems like we are lacking numbers in certain positions. Add in the fact it appears we underestimated attrition this year and it seems we are having a real issue managing our roster numbers. Have we changed the number of players we have on scholarships for the different positions over the years – like less defensive tackles? Do we need a GM to manage scholarship numbers? If so, who? And what exactly would their responsibilities be? – HokieZig

Chris Coleman: My honest opinion is that things aren’t nearly as bad as people think. I’m in the process of collecting our historical data for defensive line recruiting. It might surprise you to know that between 2012 and 2017, we averaged 2.9 defensive linemen per recruiting class who went on to contribute. Between 2001 and 2009, we averaged 2.1 per year. Our numbers over the last five years aren’t much different than they were historically, and in fact are better. The difference is that there has been way more attrition, injuries and guys declaring for the NFL these days.

We are always going to lack numbers in certain positions, as all schools do. There have been times in Virginia Tech’s history that we’ve lacked numbers at wide receiver. Remember when we were using guys like Cory Holt and Ike Whitaker at wide receiver? There have been times in the past where we’ve lacked numbers (and talent) on the offensive line. And this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve lacked numbers up