Eugene Asante Details Virginia Tech Offer

Eugene Asante is a late bloomer who did not play linebacker until his senior season. (Photo via @sectorocho)

Eugene Asante
Linebacker, Class of 2019
Westfield High School, Chantilly, VA
6-1, 212

Since April, Westfield (Va.) athlete Eugene Asante has had a scholarship offer to play football at the college level. But it wasn’t until recently that he gained his first power five offer.           

Asante is still hopeful more are coming his way. While his newest offer is a big one, he’s waiting to see what comes next. Still, Asante is carefully going through his checklist of desirables with his current opportunities.           

“One thing I look for is somewhere that will give me the best education possible,” Asante said. “Somewhere that has my major, then it’s somewhere I can improve on my faith. I’m a Christian athlete and I carry and hold myself to that. Then, I want a good football environment, where everyone has the same common goal.”