Monday Thoughts: Herd Me to a Bowl Game

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The Hokies gave fans something to cheer about from the opening kick Saturday (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

I’m feeling strangely positive for a guy who covers a team that just went 6-6.

At the end of Virginia Tech’s 2-6 stretch, when the Hokies were 4-6 overall, had just lost four straight, and had been blown out multiple times on the road and at home, many Hokie fans were freaking out. (Yep, I really reached deep into my vocabulary there.)

I was asked over and over what I thought was going to happen at the end of the year. Was Fuente safe? What about his assistants? Were the players quitting? Etc., etc.

I told everyone the same thing: “Let it play out. The conversation if the Hokies are 4-8 or 5-7 is very different than if the Hokies are 6-6 and going bowling.”

Here we are. I’ve watched enough football at this point to know that all kinds of things can happen. Like many people, I wondered at 4-6 if this team was going to win another game. There were games where they were simply horrible (Pitt was the pinnacle of horrid for this team), and it was a legit concern that they were going to finish out 0-6 and wind up 4-8 on the year.

I picked the Hokies to beat UVA in our game preview, and I legitimately thought VT could win. A loss would not have surprised me, but I could see a pathway to victory, so I picked the Hokies to win 21-17.

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