Monday Thoughts: Our Baby Turns 15

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(Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Tell the truth: you wore out your DVR and YouTube over the weekend watching clips of this game, didn’t you? When was the last time you did that not just for Hokie football in general (okay, it was the weekend of this year’s FSU game), but for the Tech-UVA game specifically?

Perhaps I’m just flush with the post-game glow, but I consider this to be one of the top VT-UVA games that will be talked about for a long time. There are VT-UVA games that people talk about, and plays that people talk about, but the best Commonwealth Cup installments combine both: outstanding plays in the context of a compelling game.

People still talk about the 1974 game, in which Virginia Tech QB Bruce Arians was (or wasn’t) stopped at the goal line on a two-point conversion attempt with no time on the clock in a 28-27 Hokie loss. That’s mostly a play that people talk about, not the game itself.

They talk about the 48-0 ” ’83 Squeaker” and its little brother two years later, the 28-10 second-half demolition of UVA, both games in Charlottesville. Those are memorable games, but no particular plays stand out.

Other big games that don’t necessarily have memorable plays: Tech’s 38-13 victory in 1990; the 20-17 win in Charlottesville (Jeff Holland’s fumble return for a touchdown is the only play that comes to mind in that one — you’re welcome, Jeff, because we know you’re reading);