The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: How Quickly Can The Program Rebound?

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It’s going to take awhile for Virginia Tech to return to the top 25. They have to wait for a number of young players, like Dax Hollifield, to grow up. (Photo by Jeffrey Gamza)

1) Considering how this year has played out and getting some tidbits from insiders on the message board, what kind of time table would you put on righting the ship to at least be a consistent top 25 team again? – VTMONEY94

Chris Coleman: Right now I’m operating under the assumption that Virginia Tech will not be in a bowl game this year.  If that happens, I’m not going to even be thinking about top 25.  I’ll just want to have a winning record again.  And please, nobody ever say the phrase “College Football Playoffs” to me ever again. 

But in all seriousness, that’s a good question.  It won’t be next year, most likely.  I think the Tech coaching staff wants to add two JUCO defensive tackles, plus Kuony Deng at Backer (which would move Dax Hollifield to Mike most likely).  If all three of those guys turned out to be absolute studs, then the timeline could be accelerated.  But that’s one big if.

If Tech