Another Ugly Loss Raises More Questions

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The Hokies lost by double digits again on Saturday, and looked lost for most of the game. (Photo by Jeffrey Gamza)

In 1993, Virginia Tech lost to Boston College 48-34.  After about the second or third play of the game, defensive coordinator Phil Elmassian threw his arms up in disgust and said into the headset, “we can’t stop them.”  Whatever BC did in those two or three plays, Elmassian could already tell that the Hokies couldn’t handle them.

It took Pitt a little longer than two or three plays to get going, but yesterday’s game had a similar vibe.  After a certain point in the game, it became pretty obvious that Virginia Tech wasn’t going to be able to stop Pitt.  I don’t remember exactly which part of the game I got that feeling, but it was probably in the second quarter at some point.

Reading through the boards today, I see a lot of Tech fans questioning a lot of things.  I think that’s fine, because when you’re 4-5 and you aren’t even being competitive in a number of your games, it’s natural to question just about everything.  I’m certainly doing it.  I’m questioning Brad Cornelsen.  I’m wondering how much gas Bud Foster has left in the tank.  I don’t know about this staff’s evaluation skills at a position or two.  And why in the word is a former walk-on from Galax the only decent running back on the roster? 

There are various points this season