Monday Thoughts: Sifting Through a Shocker

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ODU Coach Bobby Wilder (center, black hat) leads players and fans in the post-game celebration after the 49-35 win over Virginia Tech (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Before I get into things, a disclaimer: I have not, at this point, watched much of the game video. I spent all day Sunday driving back from Virginia Beach, arriving back home around 5:30 PM. At that point, I was greeted with a pickup truck that wouldn’t start, and later that night, we discovered that our basement freezer had lost power and thawed out all its contents. (It’s plugged into a GFI that tripped during a heavy storm – rather, it used to be plugged in there; it’s been moved.) Add an 8 PM Sunday night trip to church into the mix, and there was no time for me to review game film in much detail, much less read a lot about the game.

But we’ve got a lot to talk about, even without reviewing game film, don’t we?

Let’s jump right in with my first, overriding thought about the game.

This Looks Familiar

Miami of Ohio 1997. Temple 1998. JMU 2010. These were all big, stunning upsets in which the Hokies were ranked from 10-13 nationally and lost to a big (in some cases huge) underdog.

I think those losses were rationalized by blaming Frank Beamer’s style of coaching and how he ran the program as being responsible. Blame Bryan Stinespring’s offense for the 2010 loss. Blame Jim Weaver for the scheduling that led to the 2010 loss.

But all