Monday Thoughts: Back to Work!

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The Hokies will take the field again this Saturday, after an unexpected weekend off. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

One of the big questions this week was, “Will the week off help or hurt Virginia Tech?”

No one really knows, but I can tell you this: I liked it. It gave me a chance to recharge my batteries and take a breath before the college football season renews in earnest for the Hokies this coming Saturday at ODU.

If you’re like me, you love watching college football, not just the Hokies, and a Saturday off for the Hokies can be a lot of fun, provided there are some good games on TV. The games this past weekend weren’t scintillating, for the most part, but I enjoyed the day nonetheless.

It set me to thinking about the past, when college football regular seasons were only eleven games, so teams would get two bye weeks per year, instead of just one. And if you played on Thursday night, like the Hokies often do, you would get three or four Saturdays off to watch the rest of the college football world.

The bye weeks are also a nice break for those of us who write about teams, because, well … it’s less work.

The 12-game regular-season schedule was instituted in 2005 (per Chris Coleman; I’m too lazy to check), so any season before then would be 11 games. I randomly decided to look at Virginia Tech’s 2002 schedule, to count the number of Saturdays off. That’s not really a good example, because (a) that was a rare 12-game regular season that year, having something to do