The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: True Freshmen, The Offensive Line, And More

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1) How better off is the bottom half (depth) of the roster than it was when Fuente took over? – Twincountyhokie

Chris Coleman: That’s a great question. We’ll have to go back to an old 2015 roster to judge, and I’m sure things vary position by position. On the whole though, I see a lot more promise at the bottom half of the current roster than I did back in 2015.

At first glance, the wide receiver depth is what stands out. Tech had good players like Isaiah Ford, Cam Phillips and Bucky Hodges, but behind those guys were Demetri Knowles, Kevin Asante, Charley Meyer and Joel Caleb. There’s no way that those guys would be cracking Virginia Tech’s two-deep in 2018. It’s not even close.

There was also less depth and talent on the offensive line. Wyatt Teller was a great player, but Augie Conte lacked bend at right guard, and Eric Gallo lacked natural strength at center. Not to mention there was no depth. This year, Virginia Tech started a backup true freshman at left tackle at Florida State, and won the game. There’s no way they would have had that option back in 2015.

Defensive end is certainly another position that favors the 2018 Hokies. Tech had two good starters in 2015 in Dadi Nicolas and Ken Ekanem, but Seth Dooley was still in the two-deep. I’m not sure that he’d even be in the three-deep in this year’s group.

On the other hand, you could give the 2015 unit the advantage at defensive tackle. The Hokies had Luther Maddy, Woody Baron, Corey Marshall and Nigel Williams in the two-deep that year, with Ricky Walker taking a redshirt. That was