Pregame Analysis: Florida State

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Justin Fuente and Bud Foster are familiar with what they’ll see from Florida State. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

I’ve had the chance to review a few games I think are pertinent to Tech’s upcoming tilt versus the new-look Seminoles. While it’s always hard to pin down a new coach and a new scheme based on old games and the milquetoast nature of a spring game (especially since they’ll be starting a surgically patched and potentially rusty QB in Deondre Francois) I think I’ve got a bit of a grip on what to expect in Tallahassee.


New head coach Willie Taggart coined the phrase “Gulf Coast Offense” to describe his approach, and it’s stuck. You’ve seen the basics before and in great quantity. Think back to 2016 with Jerod Evans, and you have a pretty good picture. These squads ran all the basics of the run-focused spread-option gun:

  • Zone runs: Zone-scheme runs where the line steps in unison to the play side while the running back looks for a weak spot in the defense
  • Zone reads: Zone-blocked option runs where the QB can give or keep
  • Power runs: Gap-scheme runs where most of the line blocks away from the play side while one guy pulls in order to open up a specific gap
  • Power read: The same as above, but someone is optioned to give the QB a give/keep read
  • QB power: Same as power, but the QB keeps the ball all the way
  • Counter: Like power, but this time two guys pull (usually a guard and tackle, or a tackle and TE/HB)
  • QB counter: Same as above, but the QB is the runner all the way
  • Iso and Draw: Man-blocked