Preseason Thoughts: Fuente’s Openness on Tech Talk Live

Justin Fuente was very forthcoming about his team on Tech Talk Live last night. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

Will Stewart wrote an article several weeks ago about Justin Fuente and the fact that he seems more excited about this season. That article stemmed from the less formal media sessions with Fuente at ACC Media Day in Charlotte back in mid-July. Since then, in Virginia Tech’s formal/behind-a-lectern press conferences, he’s gone back to the regular Fuente: He’s been saying plenty, without saying much at all.

Fuente was different on Monday night’s Tech Talk Live, though, in an informal setting in comfortable chairs with Jon Laazer and Mike Burnop. He was more like the Fuente we saw in Charlotte, and more like the one who, on the radio after the Spring Game, said Virginia Tech’s young talent on the offensive line was as good as he had ever been around. He can be a pretty forthcoming guy…when he’s not at regular media sessions at Virginia Tech.

It’s easy to understand his excitement. He spent a lot of time and effort recruiting many of the guys who are going to see the field for the Hokies this season. Two of the players who gave him the most trouble since he arrived (Mook Reynolds and Adonis Alexander) are gone, so he doesn’t have to deal with their shenanigans anymore. For the most part, he’s going to get to simply coach football, without having to worry about much of the knucklehead factor. If you recruit the right type of guys, the less you have to worry about stuff like that as time goes on.

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