Meet Virginia Tech’s New Mikes, Part 1: Dax Hollifield

Dax Hollifield (4) will be on the field this season, but we don’t know how much. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

Recent recruiting news (good and bad) has made Virginia Tech’s signing of 4-star linebackers Dax Hollifield and Keshon Artis seem like distant memories.  I’d like to take a look at these two guys because of how important they might be to Tech’s future success, since there’s a good chance one or the other will be starting at the most important spot on the field in the next few years.

I’ll begin with Dax Hollifield. For family reasons, I spend a good bit of time in Dax’s home base of Cleveland County, so I’ve been able to follow his last two seasons a little bit. The county itself is about as far west as people are willing to live while still commuting into Charlotte. Shelby High is a mid-sized school with between 800 and 900 students enrolled per year.

Let’s start with a look at his junior highlight tape from a 16-0 season where the team won its fourth-straight state title (while never trailing once during the season.)

There are a few ow-wee hits you’ll find right off the bat, as well as the following plays, which I like for more technical reasons.