Q&A With Virginia Tech’s Brad Wurthman

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Brad Wurthman is beginning his second year at Virginia Tech. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech athletics)

Brad Wurthman is Virginia Tech’s Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Operations.  He oversees things such as ticketing, marketing and promotions, HokieVision, and HokieSports.com.  He also manages Tech’s community outreach and fan engagement efforts.  He has been employed by Virginia Tech since the middle of last August, and before that he served in a similar role at Illinois, and he previously worked with Whit Babcock at Cincinnati.

Brad graciously agreed to do a Q&A with our subscribers, and we recently took questions on the Subscribers board.  We picked out 10 good questions and submitted them, and without further ado I’ll turn this Q&A over to Brad.

Q&A with Brad Wurthman

Thanks to the group for giving me the opportunity to answer some questions! We appreciate all of your support and are always looking for ways to improve. While the answers cannot always be “We hear you and we can act immediately”, the answer will always be “We hear you and will do our best to improve”.

1) Concession stand lines question. On the west side, the lines go straight out towards the stands, which makes it virtually impossible to use the concourse. In addition, the vendors will stand at the bottom of the ramp, exacerbating the problem.  Why not “snake” the lines at the concession stands? – WestEndHokie39