Quarterback Thoughts: Hokies Deeper And More Experienced In 2018

Josh Jackson returns as Virginia Tech’s starting quarterback. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

These day’s it’s tough to preview each and every position at Virginia Tech because of the no scrimmage/practice access.  So rather than a traditional position preview for all the positions like we normally do, this year I’m just going to give you might thoughts about where the Hokies are from a talent perspective in 2018.

Overall, I think Tech is in a great spot.  GMSAHokie and I are currently working on the 2018 Top Prospects List, and he texted me this morning and basically said that it was almost impossible to come up with a top 10 this year because we haven’t had this much young talent in the program in such a long time.  I’m inclined to agree. 

Some of that young talent is at the quarterback position, and that’s where we’ll begin today.  I think the Hokies are in much better shape at the quarterback position this year than they were a year ago.  Going into last season, returning Virginia Tech quarterbacks had posted the following Division I stats during their career….

0 for 0, 0 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions