The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: True Freshmen, Preseason Rankings, and More

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1) Historically, have we had better success bringing in smaller DTs and bulking them up, or larger DTs and trimming them down? What does an ideal DT look like in our system? – vt2wake

Chris Coleman: Most definitely the former.  Let’s look at the size of some of our best defensive tackles when they were recruited by the Hokies…

2002 Jonathan Lewis: 6-2, 290
2003 Carlton Powell: 6-4, 285
2003 Barry Boooker: 6-5, 270
2006 John Graves: 6-3, 249
2008 Antoine Hopkins: 6-2, 280
2010 Derrick Hopkins: 6-0, 275
2011 Luther Maddy: 6-2, 275
2011 Corey Marshall: 6-2, 252
2012 Woody Baron: 6-2, 258
2012 Nigel Williams: 6-3, 270
2014 Ricky Walker: 6-2, 270
2015 Tim Settle: 6-2, ~350

Tim Settle stands out as the exception in the list.  I know people want Tech to get bigger at defensive tackle, but would you guys want to go back and unrecruit Woody Baron, Ricky Walker, Corey Marshall, Derrick Hopkins and Carlton Powell?  No chance.  Derrick Hopkins was recruited in the same class as the behemoth that was Nick Acree.  One of them turned out to be a good player, and the other had a future in strength and conditioning, not on the field.

I’d love for every defensive tackle that Tech signs to be above 300 pounds and to be perfect fits for the Virginia Tech scheme.  But big guys who can move their feet really well are few and far between.  If the Hokies start recruiting bigger defensive tackles just for the sake of it, they would eventually