The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Up-Tempo Offense, Defensive Tackles, and Cole Beck

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1) Do we finally have quality/quantity wide receivers to go up-tempo? What would that look like? – BlackwaterHokie

Chris Coleman: I think the “up-tempo” thing is pretty overrated, to be honest.  Would you consider Virginia Tech’s 2017 team to be up-tempo?  It didn’t seem that way, especially late in the season, but the Hokies were actually tied for No. 6 nationally in plays per game, averaging exactly 80 (per  The following teams were the only teams to average more plays per game than Virginia Tech…

Syracuse: 87.8
South Florida: 85.1
Arkansas State: 84.9
Washington State: 82.1
Indiana: 81.1

Here are the records of those teams…

Syracuse: 4-8
South Florida: 10-2
Arkansas State: 7-5
Washington State: 9-4
Indiana: 5-7

South Florida and Washington State were good.  Arkansas State was mediocre.  Syracuse and Indiana failed to qualify for a bowl game in an age where nearly everybody qualifies for a bowl game.  So really, how much does having an “up-tempo” offense really help?  I’m sure Mike Leach would say it helps a lot at Washington State, but I’m not so sure.