The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Leading Receivers, Tyrone Nix, and More

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1) What ACC FB teams do the best job of exceeding their natural ceilings? Which do the worst? – pienkows

Chris Coleman: I really only see one ACC team that is exceeding its natural ceiling, and that’s Duke. You could make the argument that Clemson has done so, going to the playoffs four years in a row. But Clemson focuses on football and they are in a great recruiting area. They finally made the right coaching hire and dedicated their money to hiring good coordinators. They always had the potential, if everything fell right, and it did.

Duke, on the other hand, has done remarkably well under David Cutcliffe. When I was growing up, I considered the three worst programs in the country to be Temple, Rutgers and Duke. I knew Temple and Rutgers were awful, from the personal experiences I had. I watched the Hokies beat up on them each and every year. I knew Duke was awful because of geographic proximity.

Let’s look at Duke’s records before David Cutcliffe arrived…

1995: 3-8
1996: 0-11
1997: 2-9
1998: 4-7
1999: 3-8
2000: 0-11
2001: 0-11
2002: 2-10
2003: 4-8
2004: 2-9
2005: 1-10
2006: 0-12
2007: 1-11
Overall: 22-125 (0.15)

Cutcliffe was hired in 2008 and went to work improving the Blue Devils. They went 15-33 in his first four years (2008-2011).

Now here are Duke’s records since 2012…

2012: 6-7, Belk