Three-Star Kyle Bilodeau Set to Announce

Update, 6-15-2018, 11 AM: Bilodeau has committed to Purdue. The Hokies are now focused on Nick Gallo at the TE position for 2019. 

Kyle Bilodeau
Tight End, Class of 2019
Woodberry Forest, Woodberry Forest, VA
6-5, 238

Initially, Woodberry Forest (Va.) three-star tight end Kyle Bilodeau thought he’d need the summer to come to a decision on where he’d attend college. But after a recent run of offers, as well as a string of visits, he’s ready.

At 11 am ET tomorrow, Bilodeau will announce his commitment. He’ll be choosing from Virginia Tech , NC State, Pittsburgh and Purdue, and it won’t be a last-second decision.

“I know where I’m going, I’m just announcing then,” Bilodeau said. “I’ve already told everybody, the school that I’m going to go to. Really, I wasn’t planning on making a commitment, it just kind of happened where I saw everything I needed to see. I felt like it was just too good to pass on. It’s just the best possible place in the country academically and athletically to succeed on.”

The most recent of Bilodeau’s 16 offers came last week, from Virginia Tech. That was after he performed at the satellite camp at Randolph-Macon College (Va.).

“I worked with Coach (James) Shibest and had a great camp, performed really well,” Bilodeau said. “It’s a great school in-state. A lot of people around here are Virginia Tech fans. It’s kind of been a big school I’ve known and heard of for a long time. I had a chance to go there for junior day back in February. It was really impressive. They’re going to compete for ACC championships and national championships and get in the playoff. They’re a very impressive program, and I’m excited to see what they’ll do.”

Defensive coordinator Bud Foster began as Bilodeau’s primary recruiter, but since Bilodeau attended one of the Hokies’ junior days earlier this year, it’s been Shibest.

“I think they’re great coaches,” Bilodeau said. “They know what they’re doing and they’re cool guys. They’re extremely successful at what they do, and they go out and compete for championships on a yearly basis. After Coach Beamer left, Coach Fuente has done a great job restoring it to when Beamer was good. They had some down years and Fuente has built them back up to contenders. I can tell working with them, they’re going to continue to do great things.”

The decision for Bilodeau also comes on the heels of a series of visits over the past week. He first went to Pittsburgh, then Ohio State and Purdue. The trip gave him a better peek at what he could expect at each school.

“I remember every school had fantastic facilities,” Bilodeau said. “They all use the tight end a lot as a focus of the offense. They’re also growing programs. Ohio State is top tier, but Purdue and Pitt are really on the rise and doing good things. They have the basic components in place to compete for championships in the near future.”

NC State was the first to offer Bilodeau, after he camped there last summer. He attended a handful of the Wolfpack’s games in the fall, as well as junior days and spring practices this year.

“I’ve kind of had a relationship with them longer than anyone else,” Bilodeau said. “I’ve been to their campus more times than anyone else and more games. I’ve spent a lot of time there and they showed, with the NFL products they produced, they’re doing a lot of good stuff. They have a lot going for them. It’s exciting to see what they’ll do the next few years. They’ve really made their mark on the program and it’ll be good the next few years.”

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