Power 5 Offers: An ACC Analysis

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With 22 Power 5 offers, Tre Turner was Tech’s top recruit of the 2018 class. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Today we’re going to expand our coverage of Power 5 offers by running the numbers for all 2018 ACC football recruiting classes. We have documented here on TSL that Virginia Tech is doing much better the last two years when it comes signing players with more Power 5 offers than they have in the past, but how are they doing in comparison to the other programs around the ACC?

That’s what we’ll try to figure out today.  How did Tech do in the 2018 class against Clemson, Miami, FSU, Pitt, UNC, etc., and are they making progress against the top programs in the league?

The 2018 Class: Hokies In Fourth

Here is the average number of Power 5 offers per recruit for each ACC football team for the 2018 recruiting class…

Florida State: 15.52
Clemson: 14.31
Miami: 12.95
Virginia Tech: 8.70
Pitt: 8.20
UNC: 8.00
Louisville: 7.26
NC State: 7.09
Duke: 5.50
Syracuse: 4.90
Georgia Tech: 3.95
Virginia: 2.95
Boston College: 2.00
Wake Forest: 1.86

Some folks have been on me for some time to use the median instead of the average.  In plain terms, the median is the middle of a sorted list of numbers. The median defines the point at which half of the numbers in the list are below it, and half of the numbers are above. I’m not good at math, but conveniently I can calculate the median using an Excel spreadsheet without too much difficulty, so I’m going to start including those figures at times as well.

Here is the median number of Power