Power 5 Offers: 2018 Offensive Class

Justin Fuente’s 2018 offensive class is very good on paper. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

The numbers indicate that Virginia Tech took a big step forward in offensive recruiting with the 2018 class, and the early signs indicate that that trend will continue into the 2019 class.

Here’s a look at the average number of Power 5 scholarship offers each Tech offensive recruit had between 2012 and 2018.

2012: 3.86
2013: 2.89
2014: 5.85
2015: 6.87
2016: 6.27
2017: 4.33
2018: 10.1

2012 and 2013 represent the low point of Virginia Tech recruiting on the offensive side of the ball, when viewed through this lens.  There were many different reasons for that, which we’ve covered many times in the past.  Five of the 14 offensive recruits in 2012 had no other Power 5 offers.  Nine of the 14 had two or fewer offers.  2013 was similar, with five of the nine prospects holding fewer than two Power 5 offers.