The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Fuente vs. Mendenhall, 20-Carry Running Backs, and More

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1) There was a statement in Andy Bitter’s article about running backs: “If the roster doesn’t have a player who’s far and away the best and ready for a 20-carry workload, this staff isn’t going to force it. And the story of the running back room since Fuente arrived in Blacksburg is that there are a lot of players who are able to contribute in bits.”   Do you really think that Peoples, McClease or Holston can only contribute “in bits” or that they are not ready for a 20-carry workload? Is this really true or just an assumption? Just because a player isn’t a complete, HR back doesn’t mean they can’t get 20 carries or contribute more. We have had not so big studs carry a lot. Don’t you think all of the top 3 backs could get 20 carries a game if the coaches chose to and could do more than contribute in “bits”. I am not saying they would be superstars but there is nothing stopping Peoples or Holston for example getting 20 carries except coaching decisions (or VT being way behind in a game. – VAHokie89

Chris Coleman: VAHokie89 wins the prize for longest question ever!