The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Replacing Michigan, Managing the Quarterbacks and More

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1) What kind of opponent should we be looking for to replace Michigan with? Another home/home with a big-time school or a lower P5? A big kickoff neutral site (why hello there, Charlotte), or a couple G5 teams? – TechHokie13

Chris Coleman: Good question.  The Hokies will get a check for $375,000, but that’s not enough for a buy game.  Besides, the Hokies will need two games anyway…one in 2020, and another in 2021.

To determine which route the Hokies should go, first we must look at how many home games Tech currently has scheduled in each of those seasons, and which teams they play.

2020 (seven home games): Liberty, Penn State, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia, Boston College
2021 (six home games): Richmond, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina, Pitt

The Hokies already play seven home games in 2020 and are unlikely to buy an eighth.  They have room for a home game in 2021, but they already play FCS Richmond, so that rules out purchasing another FCS opponent.  The situation is a little more tricky than it appears at first glance because of that.

The way I see it, unless Babcock makes major changes to the future schedule, he doesn’t have many options.

1) A home and home series, with a road game in 2020 and a home game in 2021.  This might be very difficult to achieve,