The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Transfer Rules, the NCAA Tournament and More

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1) How would the proposed NCAA “transfer eligibility” rules affect VT football? – VTVOICE

Chris Coleman: According to this article, there are three key points that are being proposed.  I’ll copy and paste each key point, with my thoughts immediately following each point.

Undergraduates who transfer would have to sit out a year with three key exceptions:

  1. An undergraduate could transfer and play immediately if that player’s head coach leaves the school or gets fired. A player would not be allowed to follow a coach to that coach’s new school without sitting out a year.

I’m fine with this rule.  It’s really not fair for coaches to be able to leave whenever they want when the players can’t do the same.  And besides, regular students can transfer any time they want.  But I’m also in favor of the second part of the rule.  If Justin Fuente ever left, I don’t think it would be right for our players to follow him to his new school.  In affect, he would have been using Virginia Tech’s money to recruit for his next school, and that shouldn’t be allowed.  So count me as being on board for both parts of this rule.

  1. An undergraduate could transfer and play immediately if that player’s program is