Virginia Tech Target Board Update: Offense

Justin Fuente (center) and his staff are already hard at work with 2019 recruiting. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech signed 26 players in the 2017 recruiting class, and another 25 players in the 2018 class.  That’s 51 players who entered the program last year, this January, or this coming summer.  There has been very little attrition from the 2017 class, if any, and none from the 2018 class, obviously.  With an 85 scholarship limit, you don’t have to be a math whiz to understand that Tech’s 2019 class won’t be as big as the previous two classes.

It goes without saying that we’re still very early in the process for the 2019 class.  The numbers for the 2019 class by position aren’t set in stone at this point.  They will be determined over the course of the next year by several things, including attrition, position changes, how specific players develop, which recruits are interested and not interested, etc. 

Today we’re going to take a very early look at the possible target numbers for each position.  We’ll start with the offense in today’s article, and move to the defensive side of the ball for next week.  I don’t think Tech will offer any specialists this year, so I’m going to ignore that potential part of the equation for now.


Estimated Signees: 0-1