Virginia Tech Offers Saint Louis Receiver

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It’s too early still for East Saint Louis (Ill.) 2020 wide receiver Lawaun Powell to worry about his potential offers. But he admits, not receiving an offer was a worry.

Powell (5-11, 190) no longer worries about that aspect. On Jan. 24, Virginia Tech became the first to offer him. Others could follow suit, but he’s taking his time, now that he has the comfort of knowing he has a definitive option.

“First, I just look at the team,” Powell said. “Then I look at the school, if I don’t make it to football, what grades I want to have. I was thinking about sports media and management.”

Powell has not visited Blacksburg, but he said he likes the prospect of playing his college career there.

“I think it’s big and major,” Powell said. “That’s a big school to get an offer from for my first offer. I’m just happy to receive an offer before my junior year. If I don’t have one my senior year, it’d be a struggle to get one. I’m just blessed to receive it.”

Assistant coach Holmon Wiggins made the offer to Powell. But since the offer, the two have still yet to connect in-depth.

“I don’t know a lot about him,” Powell said. “He just said he wanted to try to get to work with me. I was nervous, but then I wasn’t around him. I was just excited. He can’t talk to me much since I’m a sophomore, though.”

Powell said the only visit he’s taken so far was last summer, to Alabama for a seven-on-seven tournament with his teammates. Coming up, however, Powell said on Feb. 24, he’ll visit Kentucky for its basketball game against Missouri. He said he’s heard the most recently from the Wildcats and Central Michigan.

“I’ll be looking at the players in the weight room, how they work,” Powell said. “I’ll ask questions that come to my head. I really just want to see the locker room and where I’d be at, if I have my own space.”

All three schools have spoken to Powell about how his game could fit into their offenses. And he said he’s noticed how he’s improved.

“Right now, I’m working on my speed to get faster,” Powell said. “And I’m working on footwork and release. My speed has increased a little. But I’m still working because I believe I can be faster.”

Powell should have ample time to get improve on the field even more. With two more high school