A History of Virginia Tech’s Early Entries: Good Decisions Mostly, Until Recently

I don’t think Tim Settle made a bad decision, but I don’t think he made a great one, either. (Ivan Morozov)

I was hoping that Tim Settle would hold off on declaring for the NFL Draft until after I finished this article.  Instead, he announced this morning that he would be leaving Virginia Tech.  Still, that doesn’t change the basis of this article.

We’re going to take a look back at Tech’s past early entries and determine whether or not they made good decisions.   The process I use isn’t cut in stone.  I’ll use anything from gut feel, to hindsight, to what we knew at the time, etc.  It’s going to be a long article, but I’ll hit on the end result in one sentence: in general, Tech players have made the right decision when declaring for the NFL Draft…up until recently.

Let’s get it started in chronological order…

Ike Charlton, CB, Second Round Pick, 2000 NFL Draft