Virginia Tech Comes Up Short Against Oklahoma State, But There Is Much To Look Forward To

This wasn’t the type of Gatorade shower that Justin Fuente was hoping for. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

That was a frustrating loss, and not just because of the way the Hokies lost it.  I didn’t feel as if Tech had a great chance to win the game, but as it turned out they did have a great chance to win it.  But they lost anyway.  To arguably be the better team in a game that you didn’t think you had a good shot to win, and then to not actually win it…ugh.  That’s what frustrated me more than anything else.

The nature of the loss stunk, too. 

Tech outgained Oklahoma State 518-488.
Tech ran for 248 yards.
Tech ran 92 plays to Oklahoma State’s 64.
Tech held the ball for 38:13 to Oklahoma State’s 21:47.
A Tech running back had a 100 yard game for the first time this season.

If you had told me that all of those things would have happened before the game began, I most certainly would have predicted a Virginia Tech victory.