Regular Season Recap: A Comparison of Preseason Predictions and Actual Results

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Josh Jackson needs more experience and better health. (Ivan Morozov)

Back in August I wrote a quick piece on what I thought the season would look like for the Hokies; you can find it here.  With the regular season behind us, I want to take a quick look at what I anticipated, how it worked out, and what the offseason should look like. 

Passing Game Predictions

–I predicted similar yardage as last year, but more picks thrown

–Biggest issue would be route/concept problems between receivers and QB, and fewer clutch plays

–True receivers would bear more of the load, as opposed to backs helping out

–I saw more run/pass options (RPOs) in Tech’s play calls

–Which would mean more man coverage faced

I wasn’t too far off on the yardage prediction — it looks like the 2016 squad averaged about 264 yards/game on the entire season, while 2017 has 234 yards/game thus far — but that was still a bigger gap than I was anticipating. Much of that was due to Josh Jackson’s health issues, I think. Jackson did throw more picks (8) in the regular season than Evans (6.) I also correctly figured the backfield/TE types wouldn’t