Virginia Tech Enters The Home Stretch For the Class of 2018 Recruiting Cycle

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James Mitchell is one of a handful of recruits the Hokies are still pursuing.

Believe it or not, Signing Day is only a few weeks away.  Thanks to new NCAA legislation, recruits can sign their letters of intent over a 72-hour period between Dec. 20 and Dec. 22, which pushes the calendar up almost two full months.

From what we hear, nearly all of Virginia Tech’s current commitments are expected to sign in December.  That will make February a little more boring, but it will also give us some nice early Christmas presents.  Tech currently has 23 commitments, and before everybody starts in on the question “how do we make the numbers work?” let me tell you what I always tell you — don’t worry about the numbers. 

I’m not exactly sure how the new NCAA rules work, but I can assure you that the Tech staff does.  If there are loopholes, they’ll find them.  I believe this staff wants to bring in as many players as they have room for, within the limits of NCAA rules.  Tech won’t be signing 33 guys this year like they did in 2007, but they are far from finished with this recruiting class.