The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Running Back Production, Cam Phillips and More

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1) Regarding VT playing the nickel, I thought Mook was the nickleback/whip. Every time one of GTs receivers broke free deep it seemed to always be the safety Edmunds chasing him. Where were the CBs or the NB? We have three fairly good CBs in Stroman, Alexander, and Facyson plus Mook at NB, yet it seems we end up with the safety covering the WRs alot. Is this just due to the players getting beat or is it by scheme, because if it’s the scheme, we need a new one. Seems like I have noticed this in other games also, where deep passes are thrown and there are no CBs in sights, just safeties. – McHokie93

Chris Coleman: As far as Georgia Tech goes, that’s just their scheme, and there really isn’t any other way to defend it.  Georgia Tech’s deep touchdown passes went to inside receivers, and inside receivers are covered by the safeties or nickelback.  In the case of the Georgia Tech game, there was no nickelback on the field.  Anthony Shegog played the role, but he played it as a linebacker and had no role in the passing game.  Mook Reynolds was moved back to a rover type of position for this game, where he split time with Reggie Floyd.