Monday Thoughts: Stung

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This is how every Hokie fan in existence felt when that fourth down pass fell to the turf. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

This is a hard one to write … because the honeymoon is over.

Saturday’s loss to Georgia Tech was a team loss, and that includes the players, the coaching staff, and head coach Justin Fuente. It happens. As a result, 24 games into Fuente’s tenure, I’m seeing more Hokie fans questioning his tactics, decision-making, and even leadership, than I’ve ever seen, by far.

Which means the honeymoon is over.

Now, let’s not get all dramatic about it, because the honeymoon being over doesn’t mean the marriage is wrecked or divorce is imminent, or anything extreme like that. It just means that your perfect match that filled your eyes with stars finally did something wrong, something you disapprove of and question and wish they hadn’t done. That moment of, “Really? Man, why’d you go and do that?” finally arrived.

When Buzz Williams was hired, and later, when Justin Fuente was hired, I found myself thinking about how excited everyone was, and how great a match things seemed to be. There’s nothing like an opening press conference where it looks like the athletic director has hit a home run, and the future’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades.

(You want to listen to it right now, don’t you? Okay, here it is. I’ll wait.)

There’s a long period after a new coach hire where people are excited about everything he does (or she does, but we’re