The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Redshirt Decisions, Draft Eligible Players and More

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1) What have been the best and worst redshirt decisions made this year? – HokieGreyhound

Chris Coleman: Good question.  You know by now that I’m a big proponent of redshirting as many players as possible.  Sometimes playing guys can’t be avoided.  You have to, just because of depth issues.  Other times, it can be avoided.

In my opinion, the best redshirting decision the staff has made this year is with regards to all their freshmen defensive linemen.  We knew the Hokies were going to have depth issues up front this season.  I always figured that one of the true freshmen ends would play, and one of the true freshmen tackles would play.

Fortunately, Tech has been able to stay healthy up front, and their defense hasn’t been on the field for very many plays.  They haven’t needed to burn the redshirts of Zion DeBose, Tyjuan Garbutt, Nathan Proctor, Robert Porcher IV or J’Bril Glaze for eight plays per game. 

That’s huge for the future, in my opinion.  It’s really hard to play on the line as a true freshman.  You’re an 18-year-old with no time in a college weight room, and you are going head-to-head with 22-year-olds.  That’s a mismatch.  Defensive linemen can be slow to cook, so to speak, so I think it’s great that all five linemen got to