Bowl Talk: Hokies In Running For Warm Weather Destination

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Justin Fuente
Justin Fuente and the Hokies are hoping for another great bowl experience. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Yes, I recognize that it’s only October 31.  And yes, I know we have a huge game with Miami coming up this weekend.  But I can afford to look ahead to possible bowl games, because, you know, I don’t actually play in the games for Virginia Tech — fortunately for the Hokies.  So if you’re a “Focus Police” type of person, then it might be in your best interest to skip this article.  It’s going to discuss Virginia Tech’s possible bowl destinations.

I’m still a big believer in the bowl system.  I recognize that there are too many bowl games these days, and that the postseason is watered down as a result.  But at the same time, a bowl game can be very rewarding if it’s in the right place and against the right opponent, and if you get the right result.  Winning (or losing) your bowl game affects your preseason ranking the following season.  Had the Hokies lost to Arkansas last year, they would have finished 9-5 and out of the Top 25, and they most certainly wouldn’t have been ranked to begin this season.  But because they beat Arkansas, that West Virginia game turned out to be a national affair, and it was put in a primetime slot.  The win over Arkansas led to a lot of national exposure over eight months later.