The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Second Half Views, The Redzone, and More

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1) At halftime of the season, predict the second half. Have we peaked, even though we haven’t put together a full game yet? How good can this team be? In the first half of the season, give one pleasant surprise and one disappointment. – vt2wake

Chris Coleman: I thought Virginia Tech was somewhere around a 9-3 football team before the season started, and I stand by that pick. I see them as a 9-3 team, give or take a game. Predicting injuries and turnovers can be very difficult, so 8-4 or 10-2 are possible as well, though personally I don’t see 8-4 as very likely at all, considering the Hokies still play UNC, Duke and Pitt. 9-3 or 10-2 are much more likely records. puts Virginia Tech’s win probabilities like this…

6 wins: 2%
7 wins: 10%
8 wins: 27%
9 wins: 36%
10 wins: 21%
11 wins: 4%

10-2 would give the Hokies a chance to win the Coastal Division, depending on what other teams do. 9-3 would not.

I don’t know that Tech has peaked yet. Thus far, they’ve beaten the teams they should have beaten, and lost to the team they should have lost to. In their one game that was a tossup (WVU), the Hokies won, so I guess that puts them ahead of the curve. Tech should win its next two games because UNC is inept and Duke has a bad quarterback. Miami and Georgia Tech will tell us whether or not we’ve peaked, though both of those games are on the road. (But I’m not even sure