The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Khadim Sy, Third Downs and the Running Game

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1) I thought I read somewhere from Will in a post/article about our DT depth is that we are seeing the result of Beamer/Beamer’s staff recruiting, or lack thereof, in the last few years, coming to roost. I’ve also read the Bud Foster has been rejuvenated on the recruiting trail. I love Bud, but help me reconcile how one of the best DCs in the country, with a national reputation like Bud has, had so much difficulty closing the deal in the last few years of the Beamer era, and if he’s rejuvenated on the recruiting trail, what’s changed to make you think we’ll be able to reverse the trend? – BackInTheBurg

Chris Coleman: There were plenty of reasons for Bud Foster to be unable to close on recruits towards the end of the Beamer era, and there were plenty of reasons for him to be jaded.

First and foremost, he wasn’t getting much help on the recruiting trail from his head coach, while guys like Dabo Swinney and Jimbo Fisher were very active on the recruiting trail. That had to be frustrating for Foster. That’s not a knock on Beamer, either. He had health issues towards the end, plus when you reach a certain age, you just don’t feel like doing certain things anymore. That’s only natural. It will happen to Swinney and Fisher one day, too.

Secondly, Foster was probably worried about his own