Monday Thoughts, Delaware: Treading Water for a Week

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Cam Phillips (6 catches, 90 yards, one touchdown) flew high against Delaware, but few Hokies did on offense. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

I should have known better than to predict the Hokies would win this one 41-10. Even while I was making that prediction in last week’s podcast and last week’s game preview, I was uncomfortable with it, thinking that the Hokies wouldn’t win by that much. In the wake of that hard-fought, emotional win over West Virginia, on a six-day week, it would be perfectly normal for a young team to let down and not be at peak efficiency.

But where do you cut the prediction? I predicted Delaware to score 10 points. Should I predict them to score 13? 17? West Virginia only scored 24. How is Delaware going to score 17?

What about Tech’s point total? Forty-one is a high total. But I could see the Hokies making one or two big special teams plays, and/or tacking on an extra touchdown late, making a ho-hum effort look better than it was.

So I went with 41-10, and as far as the spread (31 points) goes, I wasn’t that far off the final score of 27-0.

Still, it broke my two-game streak of picking the exact score. Oh, well.

Pre-game Bravado Falls Flat

We wanted those backup wide receivers to get a lot of work and targets. We wanted those backup defensive linemen to get a lot of playing time and get better. We wanted