The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Would You Rather Beat WVU or Clemson?

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1) What balance on offense do you expect to see on Sunday? Is there a number, an offensive metric if you will, outside of “score more points,” that you’ll be looking at (i.e., run/pass balance, number of times JJ throws it, number of times we run the ball, TOs, etc.) that will guide your early assessment and eventual outcome? – BackInTheBurg

Chris Coleman: That’s a good question. I always think back to Justin Fuente’s comment: “throw to score, run to win.” If the Hokies are running the football a lot in the second half on Sunday night, that means they’ve got a lead, they feel comfortable hanging onto it, and they are just trying to run block and manage the game. The ideal second half for the Hokies would be the North Carolina game last year, when Tech threw just one pass.