The Commonwealth’s Talent Level and In-State Recruiting

Justin Fuente Virginia Tech recruiting
Justin Fuente’s staff has had to adapt their recruiting philosophy to changing realities. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

In Virginia Tech’s prime as a football program, the Hokies owned in-state recruiting. Virginia Tech hauled in tons of recruits from Virginia every year, and many of those guys were stars who elevated the program in their own way. Michael Vick, Xavier Adibi and DeAngelo Hall are just a few names that come to mind.

Modern-day recruiting is much different. As more and more recruits go out-of-state for football, programs have been forced to cast nets further and further from home. Virginia Tech is no different and as explained in my piece from June, the Hokies’ coaching staff has offered more and more recruits, and most of those offers are being extended outside the Commonwealth.

Why is this the case? How does the talent level in Virginia compare to other recruiting areas? These are some of the questions I hope to answer.

The Talent Level in Virginia

Virginia Tech used the plethora of in-state talent to their advantage in the 2000s, but the well seems to have dried up a bit in recent years. Or has it?