North Carolina Momentum and Thoughts on Quincy Patterson

Alan Tisdale is the third commitment from the Greensboro area for Virginia Tech in the Class of 2018. (Photo by Jason Stamm)

The Virginia Tech coaching staff made their latest move in the state of North Carolina on Sunday when Greensboro linebacker Alan Tisdale made his verbal commitment.

Tisdale was the third Greensboro area recruit to choose the Hokies this year, along with DJ Crossen and Tre Turner.  As a matter of fact, those three guys have been so committed to Virginia Tech for so long that from what I can tell, there has been a strategy to the timing of their commitments.  The Tech staff knew they were getting all three guys well in advance, so all parties were able to come up with a strategy in order to help the Hokies maintain their momentum in the Tar Heel State.

Tre Turner: May 31
DJ Crossen: June 6
Alan Tisdale: July 1

Nadir Thompson of Southern Nash (east of Raleigh, around Rocky Mount) committed on June 22.  I’m not sure whether or not he was part of the timetable strategy or not, but my guess is yes.  And of course, Joe Kane of Raleigh got the ball rolling in North Carolina on April 20.