The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Summer Workouts, Scheduling, and More

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1) How much do you think the Cost of Attendance comes into play with out-of-state recruits? How much it hurts with in-state and how much it helps with out-of-state? – santafe

Chris Coleman: That’s a good question.  We haven’t had that discussion since last summer on TSL.  This will be a short answer.  Instead, I’ll redirect everybody to this article that I wrote last July.

My issue with the COA is that the system that is used is extremely flawed.  It’s based on financial aid and that sort of thing, and it is extremely unbalanced.  For example, somehow the COA at Alabama is over $5,000 per year, while destinations like Boston (Boston College) and Los Angeles (USC) are $1,400 and $1,580 respectively.  That’s ridiculous.  If the market was driving the numbers, I’d be okay with it.  But it isn’t.

Here’s a copy and paste from a section of that article I wrote last summer…

“First, the numbers for a Virginia recruit…

VT’s in-state COA: $3,280 per year
FSU’s out-of-state COA: $6,018 per year
Difference: $2,738 in favor of FSU
Difference over four years: $10,952 in favor of FSU
Difference over five years: $13,690 in favor of FSU

(In other words, if Khalan Laborn